Jun 15, 2011

Favorite Sewing Blog

I'm a bit obsessed these days, I found this really nice sewing blog called  flossieteacakes. I felt like I wanna start a career on sewing already, to make nice, fancy things like what Florence, the blog author, is doing, really charming.

Her blog has lots of sewing tutorials, for bags, home accessories, and many others. I just fell in love with the colors, how she played with them to create such fun fun objects. I felt like sewing and making new things out of dreamy fabrics was my passion in my past life. 

It is amazing how simple make-up bags like the ones above can be so pretty and charming because of the print of the fabric used. I also love her ideas for laptop cover and mobile phone cases. Check out her blog flossieteacakes.blogspot.com and see for yourself. (Photos of the make up bags courtesy of Flossieteacakes).

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