Jul 31, 2011

Pen that

Nothing beats the original - the nostalgic, personal, and artistic elements of writing a letter. 

I'm currently digging and hoping to put into order my old stuffs when I saw these classic and dreamy envelops made of used onion skin. 'Bought them from Tokyo ages ago, at The National Art Center Tokyo which happens to be our neighbor back then (I was studying then at GRIPS Tokyo, just fronting the Arts Center).
'Pity how I never got to use them. I guess I've used only one, when I wrote a letter to my beloved husband. I've kept it all these years. They just so nice to look at aren't they?

These days, we're content with emails and instant messages, text messages in our mobile phones, video calls, chats. They define what  modern communication is. They are a must in our day to day life. Our attention span in general has shortened through time. Perhaps, writing a letter in a paper using a pen looks so medieval already, it's time-consuming, inefficient, even ridiculous.  Why waste time in writing and delivering your mail at the post when you can tell your message to the person whom you want to get in touch with in just a blink of an eye? Sadly, writing letters doesn't appeal anymore. I shouldn't be happier in keeping my cutesy special envelops, I should be using them instead to say hello to special people to make them feel even more special...Perhaps I will..one of these days.


  1. I used to collect stationeries, but I lost them. :(

  2. Ohhhh...I love scribbling and ,yes, writing the conventional way!!!

  3. Michy! Sayang, you could have shared your collection on your blog. Hi Oceanne - that's great. I've lots of journals - but I wasn't able to use them religiously due to lack of time. Better pa din in that way, more nostalgic.:)

  4. Oh, those are splendid papers!
    I'm old fashioned so I love writing letters, and yes, sadly people today just use the technology...

    Take care..

  5. Hi Marie! Thanks for dropping by. Really? Aren't they lovely? It's great you do still write letters, I think that's is really sweet. Cheers!