Sep 4, 2009

Yummy Miki Noodles Soup

Here is one snack dish that I'm really proud of, it's the Ilocano miki noodles soup. We cooked this one this morning and it sure was so yummy. It's perfect for snack, it fact it is a part of the typical rural Ilocano party menu. But I say it's better if you have it in the morning as part of your breakfast. It's best when it's served hot and with a bit of chilis in it.
I'll show you how to cook it. Boil some chicken meat. When done, set aside the broth and tear the meat into elongated pieces. Set aside.

That red color in the miki noodles is caused by atsuete. What you need to do is: in a bowl, get some atsuete and pour some warm water into. Stir it until the water turns red. Remove the atsuete and set aside the mixture.

In a pan, saute garlic until it turns brown, then saute the chicken. When the chicken turns light brown pour in the atsuete mixture. Let it boil. Then pour the chicken broth. Add some salt to taste. Put in the miki noodles (flat noodles). Simmer until the miki is cooked. Add some ground black pepper and kutsay (garlic chives?) when it is already cooked. It's very simple. Enjoy your miki noodles the Ilocano way.Oh and by the way, aside from chicken, you can also add fried crablets or shrimps for a more delightful miki noodles.Yummyness!


  1. i like how it does but . can i ask what nutrients are present to this dish ? we just need it for our nutri month this July :DD thanks

  2. Hi! May I ask the specific measurements for the ingredients for this dish? Thank You!