Aug 17, 2009

The Venetian Macau and Boys Over Flowers

I was so excited to see that I have actually been to where the Korean series Boys Over Flowers have filmed its Episode 14, the Venetian Macau. Built as they say exactly like the Venetian in Las Vegas, it is equivalent to 90 Boeing 747s. It is the grandest entertainment destination in Asia. The Venetian Resort Hotel offers 3,000 suites, the largest casino in the world, and a 15,000-seat arena for concerts and sporting events among others.

 Credits to the owner.

Credits to the owner. 

The BOF episode filmed here shows how Jandi followed Junpyo who went to Macau to take care of the family business. Sadly, Junpyo decided then however that he'd rather not think of himself and Jandi because thousands of their employees rely on him. Jandi was suddenly deserted. Luckily the F3, followed her to Macau and so they helped her out and took care of her while they were there. Jandi was awed for they stayed at the Venetian. What happened towards the end is one of the most heartbreaking episodes in the series. It's funny because that part of the Grand Canal where Junpyo finally decided to face Jandi was the same place where my hubby and I sat down for many photo ops and we had so much fun. But it was where Jandi's heart was torn into pieces. It's not quite obvious that I am a fan of the series, is it? Nah, I cried like a baby.

Below is a video that I'd like to share. It's a video about the heartaches Jandi had in that Macau episode.

Our tour at the Venetian was a fantastic experience and we really regretted that we did not devote  the entire day exploring it. It's so huge and there were so many things we missed because we were hurrying for our next destination which was the Wynn. But you shouldn't miss riding the Gondola and make sure you experience the casino. Of course if you can afford, you should stay at the Venetian to really have ample time to explore this huge entertainment that Macau offers.

This is one of the Gondolas. The Gondolier will sing as you go through the Grand Canal. There are Filipino Gondoliers too and they're great singers. :) It's the bigger and far more romantic version of the Gondola rides at the Disney Sea.

Now here is the world's largest casino. The official website says that more than 700 tables  and 3000+ slots can be seen here.

Here are other fancy things/events that you can enjoy.


Try your luck and tickle one of those living statues shown above and put him to the test. If he doesn't waver, you should reward him with a tip. If he does, you're lucky that you succeeded. You go and reward yourself instead. Sad to say we did not get into trying out those masks, like what the casts of Boys Over Flowers did. It would have been fun. There are a number of shows that you can see for free. But you should try to catch one of those great shows or concerts they may have on their 15,000-seater arena. I guess it would be worth your money. But then again, Macau is not an expensive travel destination. You can always go back and try out whatever it is that you've missed out.

Oh before I forget, if you want to shop for affordable clothing for your kids, do look for Macdonalds while you're inside the Grand Canal shops, there is a Next store nearby, and it's quite cheap.

To go there, you got to go to the ferry terminal and ride not a ferry (unless you're coming from HK) but their fancy limo. But coming from Hongkong you got to ride their Cotai Strip. Here are the photos of the limo and the ferry.



  1. ei! tnx 4 d shoppin' tip! def'nitly gonna look 4 that. ;) - sara

  2. Loved reading your post... Would love to visit Macau and its boys over flowers that attracted my attention to this wonderful city...:) anyway thank you for the post...:)- Aswathy, India

  3. It is my pleasure. Thanks for dropping by Aswathy of India.