Nov 24, 2010

The Ewha Womans University Campus

The Ewha Womans University in Seoul was gracious enough to have hosted the 12th International Convention of the East Asian Economic Association of which I've been a part of. My impressions? The people are warm and courteous, the convention well organized, and the usherettes are very approachable and they are all pretty (just like those in the famous Kdramas!)
The campus of Ewha is dreamy especially during fall season. The colors are a great contrast to its hi-tech structures.

The structure behind me in this photo above looks like a huge canal or walkway or like the sea got divided right at the middle. But it's not that simple, in fact, it's a multi-storey building with shops and halls inside, impressive Korean architecture.

 The Ewha campus from above. Nice eh?


  1. Hi |Aubrey!I've always wanted to visit Ewha!I'm so jealous! I heard that there's a wonderful porridge eatery near its entrance just opposite Paris Baguette. Were you able to try it? i can't wait to finally visit Seoul by next year. all the best! I can't wait to read your other entries on Seoul!!!!

  2. Hi there Kaye! Sorry I did not see your comment earlier. I'm afraid we did not try that one coz we mostly ate at the conference. I also want to go back to Seoul if I can. Maybe some day. In the mean time, I'll try to see if I can add something about Seoul. :)Thanks for dropping by!