Aug 25, 2009

Cool Hello Kitty Stuffs

Hi to all Hello Kitty fans out there! I too am a fan of Hello Kitty. My trip to Sanrio Puro Land when I was in Japan was one of a kind experience. It was so kawai'i (pretty). Anyway, I thought of posting about Hello Kitty since the day that I went gaga over a Hello Kitty car roaming around Dela Rosa St. here in Makati. I was on my way to Watsons behind the Makati Medical Center. Pretiness and coolness! I forgot my camera and so I did my own research about different stuffs with Kitty design. Here they are.

 Credits to the owner.
This one is Mitsubishi i "Princess Kitty" Hello Kitty limited edition. It's in pink, even the wheels are in pink! It's so adorable. Seat covers are also adorned with the Hello Kitty logo and so with the side view mirror. It was displayed at the Mitsukoshi department store in Tokyo's Nihonbashi district in July of 2006 and was said to be sold at 2.1 million yen.

Credits to owner.
 Credits to the owner.
This bike is so nice too and look at the tire, it has the Hello Kitty logo. You'll leave Kitty's mark wherever this bike goes. Totally cool! This one below is for bigger girls. It's covered in Swarovski with the Kitty logo. It's really fantastic.
 Credits to owner.

You ain't seen nothing yet. These next photos will surely awe you. The Hello Kitty Houses, others say it's in Taipei, others in Shanghai! Well, wherever these are located, they are so dreamy. I'm not quite sure but  these may be hostels and you can actually stay there. Hmmm...
Credits to owner/blog.

There are tons of neat Hello Kitty stuffs out there. From appliances to bus and scooters to even airplane and airport lounge. Wow! FYI, the Hello Kitty airplanes fly from Taipei to Tokyo and Fukuoka and serve Hello Kitty-theme in flight meal. Whew!

Credits to the owner. Thanks!

If you want more, I recommend House of Kitty Blog. It's so full of Kitty stuffs you can literally bury yourself in everything Kitty.


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