Oct 8, 2012

Quick Pasta Tuna

Working moms have very limited time to cook. So quick and easy recipes are such life-savers for us. Here,
I'm sharing my 15-minute pasta tuna. I did it to liven up that rainy weekend afternoon when my sons are bored staying just inside the house.

Living in the suburbs, we don't get as much chance to eat out or buy those delectable eats available in malls and restaurants so I always make sure I can create something out of what we have at home. Here is one of our favorite snacks - the tuna spaghetti.
Quick Home made Pasta
   Spaghetti pasta, cooked aldente
   Tomato sauce or any spaghetti sauce (Tomato and cheese is recommended)
   Tomatoes, sliced
   Garlic, sliced
   Century Tuna light
   Cheese (I used quick melt, any will do, should be same amount as that of the tuna)

Saute garlic in butter. When garlic turns brown, put the tuna including the vegetable oil in it. Put the tomatoes and cubes of cheese. As soon as the cheese melted, put the pasta sauce of your choice. I used chunky tomatoes with basil. You may also use cheesy tomato or other variants of spaghetti sauce if you like. When the sauce is completely mixed with the ingredients, it should look orangish and thick. Put basil leaves if you have, I didn't, so I just sprinkled some dried bits of basil. Put some salt to taste.
Mix the ingredients with the pasta and you can enjoy the quick pasta tuna!
Tuna Pasta
Tuna Pasta 2
Quick Pasta
So here you go. A simple yet delicious pasta tuna that my kids love. It's cheesy so it appeals to children. Make sure to give it along with a pitcher of chilly orange juice or iced tea. They'll surely thank you for it. Quick Home made Pasta 2


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    1. Thanks Michy for always visiting my blog. Kodus to your nice blog as well. :)

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    1. Ahehehe! Hindi ka nag-iisa. Yung friend ko dito sa opis nagyaya kumain ng pasta dahil nakita ito.:) I like that it has an impact.:)

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    1. Thanks Lola. The inspiration was rooted from your pasta recipe.:) http://restorrun.blogspot.com/2011/10/pasta-ala-nina-my-version.html

    2. hello! i will surely try this one. i'm not a good cook but i will try it this weekend for my kid.