Oct 31, 2011

Pasta ala Nina, my version

Tuna Pasta 2 I hope I did some justice to my BFF's pasta recipe- I call it pasta ala nina. I don't dare publish the ingredients here and the correct measurements - for I can't remember (sigh...). Anyway, here's my version - I just remember one more thing I forgot, it should have olives in it. Nonetheless, I rate it as a "okay", for now I'll just wait til Nina makes one for us again - hers is way tastier. Tuna Pasta What actually inspires me to make this pasta recipe is that the basil in my garden are getting taller, about to bear flower already, and yet I haven't really used it in the kitchen. If you remember the "Sonya's Garden" post, I bought the basil from there. I learned that once basil flowers bloom, the leaves will taste a bit bitter. So I found a way to make use of the basil leaves.


  1. It looks tasty; but yes, I would like olives, too. :)

    Happy New Year, Aubrey!

  2. what a great blog you have!!! love your photos, its very clear. btw the pasta ala nina, it looks delis and not only that its a light dish good for those people who are a healthy buff... so cheers to your new follower:))


  3. Thanks Queenie for dropping by! It sure is healthy alternative.:)

  4. Yes Lola!, you did a great job! From now on.. i will call it "Tuna Penne with Basil Ala-Nina" Thanks for the idea!...Muah!

    1. You're welcome Lola! Come join me here at blogger ha? Share your recipes! I'd love to see more!