Aug 11, 2009

Disney Sea

Do you have future plans of visiting Tokyo with your family or friends? If yes, I strongly recommend you don't miss out Disney Sea in your itinerary. You can do away with Disneyland for I'm' sure you can enjoy it in some other parts of the globe. Hongkong is just around the corner if you are rooting for Disneyland. Disney Sea if I'm not mistaken is the only theme park of its kind. And it's totally fun. One-day pass is 5,800 yen or about PhP3,000. Kids and adults alike will love all the rides I can assure you. It's a very huge place and there's really a lot in store for you. Make sure you queue early so you can try as many rides as you can. Here are some pics I took during my Disney Sea adventure that my friends are sure envious about.

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