Jun 1, 2012

Welcome myself to Polyvore


Ahah! I found another fun and exciting thing to share. I have just registered in Polyvore today! Thanks to my friend Bless who is already into it a long time ago. She's actually starting her own design blog and that excites me. She will be sharing her Polyvore works, and will also design her own templates soon, and these will be for free. So once the site is up, I will let you guys know about it. Well, the works of an amateur I have shown above is just a 2-minute set. Next time I will be more patient in doing my sets. That is why I called my first one -Easy. You know I really like an outgoing kinda easy touch to my fashion statement most of the time because I'm a mommy who is most of the time busy and on the go so, I don't want to make my wardrobe complicated. I kinda played around some more with one I called Come with me, Girl Power and City girl. It is fun, so fun.

Come with me

Girl power

City girl

Cheeky wannabe

Parisian girl


  1. I also have Polyvore. It's just fun right? You get to create ensembles and choices are unlimited! :)

    1. Hi there! Yes you're right! It's fun. Thanks for dropping by!