Aug 24, 2009

Memory Boosters

What sort of things can bring our memory back to the past, to our childhood days?

Scent. Would you believe that the scent of cow's dung reminds me of the fields where we used to play as kids? I grew up in the countryside, cow's and carabao's dungs and mud are normal encounters. Even the scent of freshly-mowed grass reminds me of my days at the university. Even the familiar smell of the soil after a heavy rain can give me dejavus.
Places and people themselves. What could be a better memomy booster than seeing an old place itself  or  a former classmate? It's funny how old friends and schoolmates get to find each other again after decades. Thanks to the Internet's ever growing social networking sites that we all got addicted to.
Things and old photos. Whenever I see a dragonfly, I remember how me and my friends used to chase off and catch dragonflies and grasshoppers down the field. Even the sight of a tree, a local berry tree, that I used to climb on gives funny and heartwarming memories. I was lucky I didn't fell from that tree.

Of course there's music...and nothing beats music in bringing all sorts of memories back, good or bad, happy or sad, and get a dose of nostalgia. Mama Mia the movie effortlessly brought me back to my childhood days. Yes, this totally enjoyable musical movie made me sing and dance like I used to back in my grade school days. And I had nothing but laughter and giggles when my friends and I watched it.

Credits to the owner.
I remembered how my late Dad used to play Abba songs in our cassette player,definitely no DVD yet. ABBA was then one of the favorites in our household, it still is. You wouldn't believe I even sang one of their songs, Chiquitita, in our school program. And I sang it twice or thrice more in different occasions. It later became one of my nicknames.:) And there was America. Singing "You can do magic" in entirely different lyrics that I made up made my mom laughed while she was doing the laundry. These songs are really timeless.
Reminiscing the childhood days is fun and sweet. Whether or not we feel lucky and thankful about what we have become, we should cherish and savour every piece of these memories.  For those memories together make up what we are today. :)

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