Aug 10, 2009

Odaiba (part 2)

Hey there! I'm back again with my storytelling about Odaiba as a part of my promoting GRIPS. But let me just explain why I am promoting GRIPS aside from its being my alma mater. You know for working moms like me who wanted to further her studies, studying abroad was the best option there is where I could get a scholarship and a leave with pay from work. My field is in Economics and Japan provides scholarships. GRIPS was like a heaven-sent school because they have a Master's program that can be completed in only a year which is quite convenient if one doesn't like to get separated from family for a long time. Why Japan? It's near to home. Filipino students can come home to the Philippines whenever there's a chance. Another reason why I chose GRIPS was that the application process is simplified. They process your application for scholarship upon your admission to their program. No added hassle of going through the documents submission twice.
Okay going back to Odaiba. I am sharing you my photos of the Tokyo International Exchange Center, where you would probably stay when you get admitted at GRIPS. The TIEC consists of four dormitory buildings. Buildings A and B as single occupancy dormitories. Building C is for couples and D is for families. Yes, you can bring your families while you study in Japan. But the living expenses of your family is not covered in the scholarship. Each room in building A, where I stayed, is complete with a rest room, bed, huge cabinets, study tables, a sink, refrigerator, microwave oven. You can also enjoy the view of the Tokyo Bay area because each room has a balcony. There's a laundry room, a lounge, a kitchen and dining area, in each floor. Electricity and water are pre-paid, cool! There are kiosks in the administration building where one can buy credits for the utility. And oh by the way, the toilet in the rest room, is the Japanese famous toilet, with a seat that gets warm in winter, with all those pretty buttons. It's totally fun!

The first three photos below show the grounds of TIEC. The last one is the Funenokagakukan station of the Yurikamome which is only 5 mins away from TIEC.

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  1. Hi there! i am really interested to pursue further studies at GRIPS. i have a few questions and would like to get your opinion about them. can i get your personal email address so i can contact you? thank you so much! I'll post my email address here. Hope to hear from you soon :D