Aug 7, 2009

Should Kris Aquino enter politics?

My quick answer to that is no.

The recent turn of events have obviously and indisputably put the Aquinos on a much higher step in terms of political scale. Thanks to both their patriarch and matriarch, the Philippines is now where it is, free and much better in shape than before. Still, it may not be necessarily what we Filipinos wanted (and we always wanted more), but nevertheless, democratic. Many speculations have surfaced following the speech by Kris Aquino in the funeral mass for the late former president. That among the family members left behind, it is she and Noynoy who are in better position to continue what their parents have started.

Kris, however, should not get deep into politics, deep enough to run for a government position. The people's great admiration to her parents' legacy, and the momentum of support they have for the Aquino family, I believe, would be best preserved and maintained this way. I do not judge her capabilities. I just think she has more potential in helping the country in her own ways. She is after all already being admired for her charity works.

But then Kris can be a very effective supporting cast to Noynoy. I think that she and Noynoy would make a great tandem in politics if she would remain at the backseat. Kris, I bet, would make a very strong support for Noynoy should she opt to play that part. She's very outspoken, strong and have lots of allies and friends. I am not saying that Noynoy does not have many allies himself but having Kris at his side in full throttle would really help him a lot.

If and when this happens, this will be something to look forward to. Hmmm...

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