Sep 20, 2009

The beauty of nature

I stumbled upon these pretty subjects when I was on my way to my son's school. It's good that I always have my camera ready. The sky was clear. And we'll never know what's in store out there under the sun.
True enough, I found these several nature wonders and I pointed and shoot and I found all of them lovely.
flowers, tropical flower

But this one I didn't realize what it was until I'm done uploading all the photos on my computer. I didn't know if it was me who got embarrassed by what I saw. Well, I'm pretty sure that I took this one all for the sake of art. :), I swear.

Larger files of these images are downloadable for free at my stock photo site: Textures Biz.
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  1. I envy your photographer skills! I hope to get a decent camera one day and learn how to make it produce pictures that show the beauty that I see through my eyes.

    Ps. I would have taken a picture of the flies too. :)

  2. Hi thanks for dropping by! I'm an amateur but it's great that people appreciates my work. The flies photo is really fun.:)