Sep 14, 2009

Your moisturizers, are they safe?

There are so many brands of moisturizers out there. The reason is because moisturizer is the key to having great, young-looking skin. However, one should be careful on which brand to use because there are quite a lot of hidden dangers lurking in those products. The important thing to do it to read the labels and check out the ingredients. For me, an even more alarming situation is when you cannot easily scrutinize the ingredients because they're not in the bottles! So be cautious.
What chemicals to avoid in personal care products? There is a long list. It includes mineral oil, Dioxane, alcohols like ethyl, butyl, methyl and propyl, and alcohol products (i.e. ethyl alcohol, methanol, benzyl alcohol and isopropyl alcohol). For deeper reading, care to read on here.
 TRIVIA: Wondering why Olay is no longer the Oil of Olay? Check this out.

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