Sep 2, 2009

Those Appetizing Street Food

These street foods are really appetizing treats. No wonder people can't resist them even with the danger of getting food poisoned. But we found one that is good and at the same time looks more hygienic coz the sauce comes in bottles such as those in these pics below.(This one is in SM Makati).
On those they have on the streets, the sauce usually are in wide-mouthed jars and people can just dip the fish balls inside which is not really good because aside from the fact that dirt could go inside the jars, you're definitely not confident that there are no double dips happening. With that one shown above, you're definitely sure  these are prevented or lessened. For moms and all others planning their small business on fish balls, the set-up shown above is one great example to emulate. So that people as OC like me can enjoy this really appetizing street food.

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