Nov 25, 2010

Experience Indonesian Cuisine

I visited Indonesia during the time of Ramadhan. And though I am not a Muslim, I limited my intake to seafood and chicken and enjoyed it nonetheless.

This one was my favorite coz all it's all I can remember - Nasi Goreng! It's basically fried rice, and you get to choose the flavor - like chicken, or seafood.

Inside this nicely decorated pineapple is also Nasi Goreng chicken we ate at Dermaga One Seafood in Jakarta. Fancy isn't it?

This appetizing drink below is like the "sago at gulaman", but it's far creamier, it has cocomilk, tasted sweet with a touch of somewhat salty, it's not easy to describe. Caution, it may be too sweet (well at least for me), so do request the crew to reduce the sugar.

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