Nov 23, 2010

Happy sour treat!

I just wanna share my happy sour encounter with a famous yogurt shop in Jakarta. Well, not quite used to sour yogurts and ignoring the shop's name "Sour Sally", I ordered one topped with strawberries and kiwi anticipating that these would be a great contrast to the somewhat sweet yogurt. But to my frown, the yogurt was indeed sour...I mean based on my sweet tooth standard.

Well, I ended up enjoying yet frowning for everything was then sour. Good thing the shop's really cute. I enjoyed the experience nonetheless.


  1. Hi there! I was just browsing Blogspot and stumbled upon yours. I have to say it's very nicely done. I love your pictures. If I may know, what camera are you using?

    Best regards,
    Aditya of Rumah Yogurt

  2. Hi Rumah, thanks for dropping by. I'm using Nikon D40. :)