Jun 8, 2011

Loyalty Cards Anyone?

Loyalty cards are in. Go to the nearest shopping mall or supermarket, even drugstore, and it’s likely that you’ll be offered a loyalty or rewards card if you still don’t have one. Its main objective (at least for me) is to reward shoppers for being loyal. It’s also an easy way to get people to continue patronizing the store.  After experiencing some of these rewards cards myself, I couldn't help but compare them and see which stands out in terms of service, practicality, and convenience.(Photo courtesy of justanotherpixel.net)
I have thought of a few criteria of a great loyalty card. First, it has to be acquired through loyalty, where one is required to turn in a minimum value of receipts obtained in a certain period specified (like six months or a year). Well, some people may be willing to pay for the card to get easy and quick access to rewards. But this should be optional. Also, I highly prefer a loyalty card that does not expire. For me, giving a short period of validity is quite an unfriendly, too profiteering practice. It is irritating and inconvenient to find out that you can’t use it anymore because it already expired. It would be an added inconvenience to renew it again. 

I’ve listed below few of the more popular loyalty cards (SM Advantage Card, Shopwise Wisecard/Rustan’s Fresh, Mercury Drug Suki Card, and National Bookstore Laking National Card) there are in the Philippine market along with their features. See for yourself which you think are more rewarding and worthy of your loyalty. (Sources: Company official websites)
My take is that get a rewards card (pay for it if you really need to) only if you frequently visit the store like the groceries, drugstores and bookstores/school supplies (if you are a book worm and/or if you have school children). If you have lots of choices, choose the better, more rewarding rewards/loyalty card. And take note of the validity of the rewards you earned, use them on your purchase so you can really enjoy the benefits.

Disclaimer: I am not in anyway connected to any of the companies mentioned. I have not received any compensation/sponsorship for writing this article.


  1. I used to have SM Advantage but since we hardly get to shop there, my card expired without my knowing it. I don't shop there frequently enough for me to remind myself to even bring my old card over to be replaced.

    As to Mercury Drug's Suki card...well, sulit-sulit sa min yan! :D

    Sis, thanks for following my blog via GFC. I'm now following you back too! More power!

  2. Oh thanks! Glad to know you're really enjoying the benefits of the Suki Card. I also once has an SM Advantage Card but it's really hassle for me - the expiration and not having the time to get it renewed so I can still use the points I earned in the previous card. Anyway, eventually we people learn from all of these. By the way, thanks for following as well.