Jul 30, 2011

An Apple a Day

I'm just so amazed and speechless whenever I visit my most favorite blog - An Apple a Day. Every post is memorable, every image captivating. I'm more of a visual person, so outstanding images can easily attract me. This is the very same reason why I put images to every post I make. I love photographing, I'm still learning, I like blogging a lot. It's an outlet and a venue for experimentation. 
The setting of An Apple a Day is New York, sometimes, it's the author's home in New Hampshire- but wherever she is - be it in a enviable travel to Europe or just around New York, her photos are just so amazing. 

The author is a floral designer and a crafter, apart from blogger of course. She's been featured in magazines. I take lots of inspiration from her and her blog. It's just so dreamy. Take a look - you'll understand what I am saying!

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