Sep 6, 2009

The Legazpi Sunday Market in Makati

I was intrigued by the fame of the Legazpi Sunday Market along Salcedo Street at Legazpi Village in Makati. So this morning, I went there to see for myself. I knew that there is a market of sort in that area. In fact, I've once visited it before, but it wasn't as big as it is now.

Recently, I read about it over Yahoo Phils. so I decided to drop in the area right after coming from the Parents-Teachers Conference at Don Bosco. When I got there at around 10 in the morning, the place is already quite full of shoppers. It wasn't very long until I found myself enjoying. Well frankly, I turned from being an onlooker to a joiner and got quite busy...with shopping!

The main attractions are organic products. Actually this is what made the Sunday market popular. Believe me, most of the goods they sell are organic produces - from organic fresh veggies and fruits to organic dimsum to even organic diapers!

It's so wonderful that these shops are promoting safe and healthful, earth-friendly alternatives. There are shops on organic food supplements, non-preservative and non-MSG food choices, eco-friendly bags and many more. My favorite is the healthy bagoong which I bought at 98 pesos. It is sauteed in olive oil without nitrates, MSG, food coloring and without too much salt in it. Definitely, a healthier way to enjoy the "hilaw na mangga." Try also the cookies by My Goodness which are made from mostly organic and unrefined ingredients. The cookies are made with great care for Mother Earth. Let's patronize and reward them for that great deed.

There are also arts and crafts, the Pinoy bayongs, and shirts and other stuffs that were designed by 6-year olds.

I also bought the "yacon". It looks like a camote but dark brown in color. But when you eat it, it tastes like singkamas, only sweeter.It's so crunchy and they call it "apple of the earth." It is great for people with diabeter, impotency, bone and kidney problems,hypertension, lung problems, insomnia, constipation, and arthritis. It's from Misamis Oriental. It's good and 100% organic, I bought one and a half kilo for 100 pesos. I also especially liked the gourmet suman from Bud-bud Kabog. My favorites are the ube and banana flavors. Yummy!

I also bought Waraji healthy slippers made of abaca. It massages the foot and it feels great. I also bought one for my mom. Try the one with the bamboo, that's even better.

These are just some of the shops in the Sunday market. There are really a lot of choices that they offer. So go check it out if you live nearby. It has a nice crowd too!

Some Advertisements:

Thanks to Ms. Magel Cadapan Vitug of ART inday Cafe and Gallery. She invites everyone to visit their art exhibit at the Enterprise this week, from today until Friday, Sept. 11.

If you are interested to contact any of the shops I've shown in here (there are still some  I was not able to feature),  here are their contact details/web addresses/some price infos.

Magel Vitug, ART inday Cafe & Gallery - makers of great paper maches : 09177929020
Waraji healthy slipper (P500-P650) : 09208893545
Doalnara's Yacon "Apple of the Earth" -7076198/09082071372
Eco Sack by Tsimily : or 09178980030
Carlitos Abello for the Healthy Bagoong: 09198221672
Budbud Gourmet Suman: 8071636/8428261
My Goodness - great organic cookies: 8234445
Framelogic- for custom made frames: 8440480/8440261
Zenne Olive Oil - 8960639/8960637
Indigo - if you need Bonchos (P565): 09152943441

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