Oct 12, 2012

My unforgettable Italian meal

There was this unforgettable mussel recipe that I have tasted and which I am really dying to replicate. I don't even remember the name, I know I listed somewhere but the ageing me could no longer locate where it is now. Anyway, if you happen to go and visit Lake Como in Italy, the restaurant where I found this is called il Vecchio Borgo, I hope that's the name. It is located just to the right of the Como Lago train Station.
Italian lunch mussels seafood 2
Anyway, it was portrayed in the menu as soup so I ordered it because I'd like to have soup and salad. We were famished after going around Lake Como station, the funicular ride, etc. But I became so excited to see a large plate of mussels in a reddish sauce. I loved it too much I went over the Net to see what I can do to put it back to life. So I found one, hopefully, it will be as exciting as the il Vecchio Borgo mussel soup.

Italian meal shells
Italian lunch mussels seafood

It is called Mussels in tomato-wine broth from myrecipes.com. (Photo from myrecipes.com)
Mussel in tomato wine
But I guess this one is closer. This is the Italian Mussel Soup - Zuppa di Cozze from thedaily recipes.com. (Photo from thedailyrecipes.com)


Check them  out. I'll choose one recipe and will show you the result soon.

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