Aug 13, 2009

Kids Costume

Mommies especially those working like us often have difficulty creating/improvising costumes for the kids. That is why we usually end up buying ready-made costumes from the department store which  is easier  but is more expensive. But improvising is fun. Aside from saving some money when you improvise, you get the chance to bond with your child if you make it together, and the creativity of both kids and moms can come into play. Many ready-made costumes and toys do have toxic materials in them. With improvising, this can be minimized.

We just need to set aside time  for this activity. Here are  several easy -to -prepare costume ideas that you can make.
Working Moms and More's 2-hour or less costume suggestions:
1. Dalmatian Costume
Materials: white shirt, white shorts or pants, black felt paper, double sided tape,  black head band, black face paint.
Instructions: For the ears, make two (2) pairs of pear-shaped cut-outs from the black felt paper. Paste each pair together on the edge of the headband to make the ears. To make the spots, cut the felt in irregular shapes, not round. Then paste these in random parts of the shorts/pants and shirt using the two-sided tapes. Paint the nose with black face paint to make a spot. Enjoy your dalmatian costume!
2. Joseph the Dreamer Colorful Coat
Materials: Crepe papers, various colors
Instructions: Fold a white crepe paper crosswise. This will be the coat so the length when folded should approximate your child's height, shoulder to below the knee. Cut  a slot in the middle where you made the fold wide enough for  your son's head to pass through (the slot may be v-shaped or round, you can choose). Paste different colors of crepe paper in different shapes and sizes into the coat.  And there you have it, the colorful coat of Joseph the Dreamer, son of Jacob. But this should be worn with extra care as it is made of paper.
Working Moms and More's Favorite Homemade Costume Links:
Here, I'd like to share to you my favorite links of costumes which are easy to make. Make sure you do this together with your kid to gain his/her enthusiasm and you won't have difficulty in letting him/her wear the costume. I don't want to overwhelm you with many links as I know working Moms do not have ample time to browse the web. So here are several links you can try.

Coolest Homemade Costumes Links
Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas here!
Homemade Costumes TRY the mummy, it's very simple!
No-sew Costumes
Dalmatian Costume

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