Aug 14, 2009

Free Powerpoint Templates

I'd like to take you to the most popular sites when it comes to FREE PowerPoint Templates. These websites offer hundreds of downloadable templates all for your presentation needs. The themes vary from business, educational, sports, architectural, religion, medical, and many more. If you are bored with the existing templates/backgrounds in your PowerPoint application, try these out.

1. (14,738)
2. (25,568)
3. (25,707)
4. (40,778)
5. (46,910)
6. (47,806)
7. (65,671)
8. (152,138)
9. (181,658)
10. (272,581)

The term popular used in here is in terms of the website's traffic rank based on the statistics given by Alexa, the authority in web information. The traffic rank as you may know already is based on the number of users that view a website and the number of webpages viewed. The highest rank a website can get is 1. At present, the most popular site according to Alexa is Google, then comes Yahoo in number 2. In case you want to know, Facebook is at number 4 and MSN is at number 6. These are the most popular websites on the Internet.

Going back to the websites giving out free PowerPoint templates, beside the websites are their Alexa traffic ranks. Note that several of them give 100% free templates while some provide several free templates and you have a choice to buy their premium ones (no obligation). You may need to register (for free) first before you can download. Good luck on your presentation!

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