Aug 19, 2009

Pinoy TV Series

This TV series had kept me up these past several months during Saturdays. It's last episode was shown last August 9. Many say that this series resembles the Horse Whiperer, although I have yet to watch that movie to really tell of any likeness.I can say that this series, compared to other series from ABS-CBN, has a more consistent plot and pacing. It helps I guess that it is shown only on Saturdays that it is not that pressured to be stretched like those at the primetime. It was nicely done as well in the sense that the ghosts in the story are not the usual scary-looking ones with exaggerated prosthetics and make-up. Instead, they are just "whiter and more pale." And the effects are not overdone. They fit perfectly and I commend the makers of this series.

This show starred Kristine Hermosa, Karyl, Derek Ramsay and John Estrada with the special participation of Mr. Piolo Pascual. Many were surprised at the sudden appearance of Piolo towards the several last episodes of the series. But if you've watched closely, Piolo was already shown right from the start and is consistently being shown through the dreams of Cristy (Kristine Hermosa) who played the title role Maruja. It was intended however to "hide" his identity and so his face was not shown at those parts but only towards the end, to have an element of surprise and excitement.

I personally came to like the Derek Ramsay-Kristine Hermosa tandem especially in those scenes they had in the old setting where Maruja's dreams took the audience to the 1940s. The classic beauty of Kristine blended well with the stunning and aristocratic look of Derek Ramsay. But the Piolo Pascual-Kristine Hermosa was something else. There's so much magic and I can't believe I was giggling when I watched them together. For sometime, it was really annoying and exciting at the same time to be able to watch Piolo for only like a few seconds in the entire episode. After the long wait, when he was finally shown in full minutes, I got quite disappointed. I've expected that the entrance finally of Piolo into the scenes would be more dramatic.
Nevertheless, I enjoyed the show immensely that I even created a post about it.

Nasaan Ka Maruja all in all had 14 episodes. Here's the finale of this recently concluded TV series aired on Saturdays at ABS-CBN, Nasaan Ka Maruja. Special thanks to D3Tinners01.

Part 1 of 3

Part 2 of 3

Part 3 of 3

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