Aug 19, 2009

Those Fancy Sky Ceilings

Aren't these sky ceilings amazing? I don't know where else you can find these fancy sky ceilings but I sure was dazzled by the places I've been to because of these luminous and pretty ceilings. I was amazed by the sight of sky inside a shopping mall for the first time when my friend and I visited Venus Fort, a shopping mall in Odaiba. Odaiba is a reclaimed area in Tokyo. I was studying in Japan back then. And we were living nearby, only a few blocks away. Check out my post about Odaiba here.

This ceiling is really dazzling and it changes colors and it's illuminated which makes the already stylish interior even more captivating. It adds to the romantic ambience of this Italian-style shopping mall and gives you the impression that you were actually strolling down the streets of Italy. It gives the illusion of space to this not so huge shopping mall.

I heard the Venus Fort targets female customers and the shops are mostly on clothing and accessories.  But it's also a terrific hang out for couples because of its romantic atmosphere. It is actually called a lover's sanctuary in this side of Tokyo. Too bad I didn't have the chance to enjoy that part, for I wasn't travelling with my husband back then.
The second time I saw another ceiling like that was in Venetian Resort, Macau. Weeeeehh! I was with my hubby then and so the place was so enjoyable. Venetian interior (shown below) is much like Venus Fort's. It was a dejavu for me and it was something to be savoured. Venetian is larger though and definitely more grand and magnificent. More designer shops, more places to see, more things to offer, and of course it has the world's largest casino. And Venetian is a hotel which I can guess is an attraction in itself. (Related post on the Venetian Macau).