Aug 7, 2009

Study in Japan

Are you aspiring to get a Master's Degree or PhD via a scholarship? You may be tired of looking into all those complicated steps of having to seek admission to the institution/university first before applying for a fellowship/scholarship. Well, there's a school in Japan where the application procedure takes less hassle than many others. This is the National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS), my graduate school :). It's web address is It is an institution that offers Master's and Doctoral Degree on a range of policy-related and economics courses. Once you get admitted, they automatically forward your application to a donor for scholarship.GRIPS is located in Roppongi Hills, metropolitan Tokyo. GRIPS is neighbor to the acclaimed The National Art Center, Tokyo and the posh Tokyo Midtown.

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As GRIPS student, you'll likely to stay at TIEC.
TIEC is in Odaiba, a really cool place! 
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  1. hullo there! i'm a lecturer of economics in dlsu-manila, fresh graduate, and am interested in applying for a slot in GRIPS. i'd like to ask a few questions regarding your experiences in studying there, if that's okay. (my e-mail is mutuc_paulojose[at]yahoo[dot]com.) cheers and best wishes!

  2. Hi Paulo! I'd decided to post my reply for your email query in another post coz it's a long reply and also, so that others can also view it.

  3. I really want to study in japan but never had the chance book a flight abroad. Thanks for sharing tough!