Aug 27, 2009

Tokyo at sunset

This is one of the very first shots I took after owning a Nikon SLR camera. It's a photo of the Tokyo Bay at sunset in a very quiet and relaxed weekend. It was a sight to behold. Other photographers, I meant the professional ones, are all over the area. I guess I was the only one who is an amateur. I could barely hold the camera, in fact I didn't even know back then how to hold my camera in the proper manne. But yeah, I managed to get this one and many others. This is one of my most treasured shots. I even called it "the great divide" because you can actually divide the photo, the left part shows the brights side while the right one shows a dark and eerie one. Hmm, I guess it's not too bad for a start.
Then I got really excited. I took a few more, okay not really few, a lot more. :). The sights of Tokyo at dusk is really something that have to be captured on camera.  Well, that's the reason why many photographers flocked the area at this time in the first place. This one below shows the Rainbow Bridge and those traditional-looking Japanese boats which I heard were actually floating restaurants.
These boats, I don't know the local term, are actually rented by groups where they, sort of , conduct their business meetings/transactions aboard.  What a cozy way to meet!
Another shot that I particularly like is this one on Hotel Nikko. Hotel Nikko in Odaiba is actually located along the bay area itself. I took this photo because I liked the view of the moon over the hotel and those trees.  If you stay in this hotel, these scenes I've captured are what you can see from your hotel room, which is real nice. I say awesome view!
And last but not the least, this silhouette-like shot was that of a Japanese girl checking on her mobile phone, maybe waiting for someone. I don't know, but I found her position very interesting for my camera. So I pointed and shoot!

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