Aug 28, 2009

Make-up Tips for the Eyes

 It's so much easier to learn make-up tips when they are on videos rather than reading them from the books or magazines. So I compiled several techniques that we can emulate depending on the desired look. I got quite inspired when I found the video on the quick make-up tips. I said why not compile different ones, cat eyes, smokey eyes, and neutral eyes. There are tons of videos at Youtube but I wanted to limit my choices on those quick and not so complicated guides. Here you go.

Cat Eyes- very quick demo and you have a choice if you want to tone it down or make the cat eye look more prominent, it's up to you.

Smokey Eyes- for those that do not go for simple looks, this one is pretty simple and also a quick guide to getting those smokey eyes.

Everyday Neutral Eyes - not very quick guide though but I really like the simple, neutral look!

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