Sep 4, 2009

The Famous Shiodome Clock

The famous Shiodome clock at Shiodome Station in Tokyo is quite a head turner. The clock moves several times a day and plays a nice musical sound. It was constructed in 2006, I was then a student at GRIPS Tokyo. Back then, I pass by this huge clock whenever I need to renew my commuter pass in Shimbashi. Designed by the legendary anime maker Hayao Miyazaki, this copper clock was said to be made for the NTV tower (the building shown here where the clock is attached to). It is 10 meters high and 18 meters long and was made possible by  sculptor Shachimaru Kunio. The clock was inspired by the famous masterpiece of Miyazaki - Howl's Moving Castle, a Japanese animated fantasy film. 
The Shiodome Station is the one that comes first before Shimbashi Station coming from Odaiba when you ride the automated rail Yurikamome.  The Oedo line, a subway train, also has a station at Shiodome. In fact, that was my daily ride going to Roppongi where my school is located.

Check the famous Shiodome clock in action:

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