Sep 3, 2009

Up the Movie

Credits to the owner.
I would like to recommend you to watch Up, a heartwarming comedy-adventure film for the family. It is about Mr. Frederickson and his ultimate dream adventure coming into reality. That dream he shared with the love of his life, his wife Ellie, is to get to South America. With Ellie gone, he pursued that dream and he did it by tying balloons to his house and flew away. My kids loved it and I enjoyed it immensely. I was touched by how Mr. Frederickson loved his wife so much and how the couple really took care of each other and shared their dreams together. Russel, the 8-year old wilderness explorer is so funny and he himself was an adventure to Mr. Frederickson. My 4-year old son was so in to the Up movie, he made the Lego figure below.

My Andre's rendition of Up.

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