Sep 7, 2009

Angel Aquino at the Legazpi Sunday Market

As promised, I'd like to show you who I saw when I went to the Legazpi Sunday Market, it's the model/actress Angel Aquino. A former co-host of my favorite show many many years back, the lifestyle show F. She's quite skinny but still sexy and she looks so pretty even with her very simple look. She didn't wear any accessory and she's with very minimal make-up.Her morena skin is so flawless too! She's a real good example of a Filipina beauty with elegance.

I guess she was there to feature the Sunday market in her show. I've heard this will be shown sometime this month over at Channel 27 on your cable TV.
Anyway, she's so nice with the people and she's very spontaneous on cam. I really like her a lot. 

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