Sep 2, 2009

My Day at Greenhills

Finally I had a day to my self and I went shopping at Greenhills in San Juan! It was a pleasant Monday morning and it was National Heroes Day. The streets are not that busy and Greenhills is not too crowded so I thought it was really a great choice to go there. I was lucky I bought things that I did not regret about later when I arrived home. I can say I was quite happy about the stuffs I chose. Well, there have been times that although you think you have a great find, you still end up not liking the things you bought. This wasn't that. I went alone, being alone makes things quite easier for me sometimes, I like the flexibility. Shopping alone is good but not eating alone, that's the sad part. 
 Credits to owner.
Well, I got 2 pairs of Jeans for P950 pesos (about $20), 2 sabrina style blouses for 800, some accessories for around 250 each, I bought the genuine pearl earrings for only 250 pesos also, I got these nice shorts for my kids at 60 pesos each and Polo shirts  each for 250 pesos. My fave is the leather flats at only 700 pesos. It's so nice.
Anyway, when I got tired and hungry, I ate in this Chinese resto right at the middle of many shops. It's called Le Ching and I ordered beef brisket rice. I ordered that coz that's what I thought my friend recommended but I remembered it should be spareribs rice. Anyway, the beef brisket rice is good, it's even better with the hot chili sauce they served. 

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