Sep 1, 2009

My First Attempt at Siomai

Last weekend, I had a groundbreaking attempt at making pork siomai (dumpling) out of my hubby's recipe. This is really a brave attempt on my part because after all the many years he's shown me how to do it, it's only now that I finally got the inspiration to do it. Okay, I admit it, I missed the siomai and I missed the person. :)
Anyway, I've seen him do it many times when my friends and family have to come by. It's a recipe that he himself borrowed from a former housemate/caretaker way back in college. Back then, he used to help her out in making siomai and other snack dishes that she prepares for her shop. So through the years, he didn't forget how to make the most mouthwatering siomai I've ever tasted.
Okay, my turn and my show. Here's the photo of the mixture (I'm not a cook and I don't even know how to call that mixture of ground pork and other ingredients (ground lean pork, carrots, onion spring, egg, flour, ground pepper, salt and sesame oil). You know he'd really kill me coz I spoiled his secret recipe.

What is intriguing in his way of preparing this mixture is that he does not write down the appropriate amounts for each ingredient. He just makes "tantiya" (estimate) which is the very same reason why it took me so long before I can finally make one my own. He just know, just by the looks of tit, he'd know. He would ask me to pour some more flour or pepper. And I can't really tell how many  several times he'd ask me to pour some more sesame oil and bits of salt, get one more egg, stuff like that. By the time we finish I could no longer calculate how much of which we have poured into the mixture.But well, bahala na I said, so here is my version of his.
Well, by the way, the one I got perfectly well is how to wrap a siomai? Here's how. Pull the opposite sides of the wrapper together to make the pointed ends meet at the middle.Do this with the two remaining sides. Then fold the sides in the same direction to make whirls (I really am an amateur in explaining these, please bear with me).

Okay, now we're ready to steam.
Another thing that you should not forget is how to make the dip. The dip is just a mixture of soy sauce, calamansi/lemon extract and chili sauce. I wanna show you how I made  the chili sauce. First, chop the  garlic and chili into fine pieces. Saute the garlic in oil, when  it's brown, pour in the chili. Then when the chili are cooked, put soy sauce in it. Cook until the chili sauce turns a bit sticky and really dark. But mine is not sticky coz it lacks soy sauce, so I was told.

 (Sorry for this, I kept rotating it but it just wouldn't work).
Anyway, it wasn't bad I think for a start. Mine did not have the taste I was looking for, the taste of my hubby's siomai. It's quite the same in terms of physical appearance, at least I got that part quite well. It just lacked a bit of several ingredients I guess. But well, we ate it, my kids loved it nonetheless. I think next time, 'will be better.

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