Aug 30, 2009

Ang Pancit

Guess what just made my lazy Saturday afternoon? It's pancit! Yummy! This one we prepared at home is a combi of pancit canton (thick noodle) and pancit sotanghon (thin rice vermicelli, thinner than bihon). Pancit is the classic Pinoy favorite noodle dish. It is likened to the Japanese yakisoba and yakiudon. It's a very simple stir fried noodle dish with slices of pork and veggies. In the Pinoy birthday party tradition, pancit is a must. People say that having pancit during birthday celebration will give the celebrant a loooooooong life. And because Pinoys love pancit so much, there are a lot of different types of pancit out there. There's pancit bihon, pancit canton, pancit luglog, pancit malabon, pancit lukban, pancit palabok, pancit miki and pancit habhab among others.

Pancit Bihon
Pancit Canton

Pancit Luglog

Pancit Malabon

Pancit Lukban
Pancit Palabok

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