Sep 15, 2009

Sushi Onegaishimasu!

My fave cuisine is Japanese, period. A year of staying in Japan made me love their food so much, I brought home my craving the moment I came back.

Visually, all their foods are so appealing. The Japanese for sure know how to take culinary arts to a level as high as their technological standards could go. And I just love the natural taste and their not so condimented way of preparing the food.

I remember those times when I would go to Maruetsu, a supermarket located a few steps from the Odaiba-Kaihinkoen Station of the Yurikamome, and bought myself sashimi because well, I, a gakusei, could not  always afford to eat at sushi bars. I would have a feast alone at my room then.The photo above shows where we usually had our after-school sushi feasts (too bad I can't remember the name, it's located within Roppongi Hills).

Here in Manila, the Shinjuku Ramen House and Kikufuji at Little Tokyo in Makati are our favorite destinations when it comes to Japanese food. Aside from sushi and sashimi  (especially uni sashimi)  I also like reba nira (the stir fried veggies with liver) and goma misu (sweet sour cold noodles) of Shinjuku Ramen House and Japanese Cuisine.


  1. hi aubrey!
    omg! we love shinjuku too.
    i guess everyone who has been in japan loves shinjuku!

  2. Hi kaye! That's true! It's so yummy eh.:)