Sep 22, 2009

Whitney is back (Part 2)

Well, I still can't believe my eyes that Whitney is indeed back. I'm still with the Whitney coming back fever. You know, and all of us know, that she's an icon no matter what she's been through. Praise God, she looks great. For those who criticized her voice now, I know it'll get better. Of course the effects of drugs and alcohol won't disappear just like that. It will take time. But what matters is that she's still the same diva as before. She's talented and she's a great singer. She'll always be the same Whitney that can give us goosebumps whenever she hits the high notes. Isn't it so obvious, I love Whitney! Here's the music video of her new song "I look to you." I still like the "Million Dollar Bill" video more though.

For news on Whitney, check out her official site.

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