Oct 21, 2009

The Christmas spirit lives on

Relief and gladness struck me as I passed by this stall of native Christmas lanterns along the Osmena Hi-way opposite the new SM Hypermarket (used to be Makro) in Makati. Despite the huge calamities we have been through and the anticipation of another typhoon on the way, the uncertainties we face in this coming national elections, and tons of other deep-rooted problems, God help us,  the Filipino Christmas spirit continues to live on.

These colorful handmade lanterns  fill the streets in Metro Manila during the Christmas season, and for Filipinos, Christmas season starts in as early as September every year.  Many households actually dress up their Christmas trees and put up decors right after All Saints' Day in November 1 but there are some who do this in September. That's how long in a year  we cherish  Christmas in the Philippines. Take away all other special events, except this one, coz it's really too darn special.

It's also the season when it seems that all of the hard-earned money comes out of the pocket of the ordinary Pinoy. Usually most, if not all, of his 13th month pay including his Christmas bonus would be spent during the holidays. That's how confident a consumer he is. Before, it was a trait that is ridiculed, it still is, but on the aggregate, it's one factor that is keeping this side of the earth afloat amidst the global economic crisis.


  1. I enjoy reading your posts about life in the Phillipines. Because Christmas is so special, I will be checking in to hear more about it in the coming months.

  2. Hi Anita! Thanks for your comment again. It feels great that you take time to visit.