Oct 23, 2009

How to survive the crisis and enjoy the coming holidays?

As I've mentioned in my previous post, Christmas is a very special occasion in the Philippines, so special that people actually do a lot of efforts to save some during the year to have something to shell out at Christmas time.  Here I have collected simple tips on how to save some money. Also, although the Philippines seems to be not as devastated as the other countries with this global crisis we are in, we moms need to work harder now more than ever to survive it.  I have also localized the examples so we can easily relate.

Drink more water. Instead of soda or iced tea, drink water to save some money. Not only that, you'll be less thirsty and that prevents you from getting another drink.

Walk short distances. Rise up early so you'll have extra time to spend on walking that short distance from your home to the train or bus station or to the street where you ride the jeepney. In this way, you get to save what you pay for the pedicab/tricycle. Set aside what you save so you would know.

Pack your lunch. If you can help it, prepare your lunch yourself and save extra money.

Compare prices. Allot enough time for shopping so you can compare prices. Try out cheaper alternatives for the brands you usually buy.

Use coupons. No matter how low the discount rate in coupons, these still help you in stretching the budget.

Start haggling. If you don't do this before, start doing it now and it will definitely help you save some.

Get a lower credit card rate. Make that call to the credit company. Ask for ways in which you can lower your rate. I have friends who did this when they had difficulties paying for the minimum balance because the interest rate is eating up all their budget. They were able to get deals that provided them zero interest if they can guarantee to pay a certain amount every month for a year.  

Do not do balance transfer! It will only bury you more in debt. Remember that when you transfer your credit to other bank, you will have to pay some extra interest on top of what your original creditor already charged you. Unless they give you 0% additional interest for the balance transfer AND give you more flexible installment package, stick to the original one.

Sell stuff. Look around the house for stuffs you no longer need but are still in good and usable conditions. Organize a garage sale.

Reuse. If you're planning to change the motif of your Christmas decor, think again. Reuse those that you already have, just try to give it a reinvented look by using your creativeness and artistic skills.

Buy Christmas presents early. Do this so you will have ample time to look around and try the get the best value for your money. Rushing will only get you to spend more than what you have allocated, you may also end up not really liking what you bought.Check out the schedules for Sale at the mall and grab this opportunity.
Refinance your home. If this is becoming the issue for you, talk to your creditor and ask for refinancing.

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  1. All very good advice!
    Christmas can be stressful, but it doesn't have to be, especially if we start the planning now. I think I will get a few things this weekend. Thanks for the reminder!