Oct 6, 2009

A grateful celebration

Despite the things, the calamities in particular, that came our way, I personally feel grateful that we've come past through all of 'em. Devastated but not fallen,battered but high-spirited still, doomed but can still find a way to smile, that's the true Filipino. There are truly a lot of things to learn, and again despite the many calamities that came our way in the past, the lessons are yet to be learned, or have we?

Yes, many times we have been stupid enough to not know the many lessons nature wants to teach us, or shall I say we have been too hard-headed and undisciplined. But there are still a lot of reasons to celebrate, there's our hope as a people waiting for a worthy leader, the sincerity shown by our neighbors when we ask for help, the Filipino family ties that keep us bonded together no matter what happens, the innate resourcefulness and creativity of Pinoy, and a country that has the heart and will to rise up again. Amen.

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