Jan 14, 2010

The delectable experiment

I started the new year with an experiment......in the kitchen. As you know, we working moms can't always cook. Many simply cannot find time to cook. Others simply do not have the gift. Others are "to-go" types. Well some, let's just say, try hard. I belong to the last category. Lucky me, most of the time that I do experiment, it turns out just fine.

So to excite myself and of course to learn something new, I kicked off 2009 with a mouth-watering dish. This time, I myself even wowed it (wink!). Presenting to you a very simple version of garlic shrimps- with lots and lots of garlic, onions, and my favorite ingredient- red bellpepper. The good news is......I was able to duplicate what I did last new year's eve which is a good sign. :)

Photo below is my New Year's eve version. The last two are those of today's.

Garlic Shrimps ala Au

1/2 kilo shrimps
red/green bell pepper
garlic, chopped into fine squares
Lee Kum Kee soy sauce
black pepper

Saute garlic in butter until golden brown. Put in the shrimps. When shrimps have turned red but not yet cooked, pour a few tablespoonfuls of Lee Kum Kee. Put in the onions when the soy sauce boils. Then put in the bell pepper strips and a pinch of black pepper. Add some salt to taste if necessary. You can make it a red hot version by adding a few slices of chili.

There you go, a fast and simple garlic shrimps. No bad for the experimenting cook.:)

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