Jan 12, 2010

The old-fashioned way

In this high-tech society where people carry heavy loads of gadgets - laptop, cellphones, ipod,etc., where one's daily schedules can be handled quite efficiently by such outfits like Google calendar, the old way of jotting down To Do's and schedules have been outmoded. Still, a few like me prefer to plan the old-fashioned way.

I guess it can be fulfilling at times for me to see that I've accomplished something, that I've ticked down many things that I ought to do, and it's better to see them handwritten. For me the personal approach is best and is always more appealing. It's not that I am not an open-minded person who always looks into the past. I guess there's something sentimental about doing it this way. In some cases, I love to look at the fancy pages of say, a notebook, or maybe because I love to write, well, I guess that explains much about this.

Then comes security. You don't need to worry about low battery or technical difficulties. It can piss you off and can really be disastrous when you rely too much on your gadget to remind you with your schedules for the day only to find out that you ran out of battery or that, you dropped it and can never retrieve the information loaded in there.

In choosing a planner, I always go for the simple ones, not with lots of illustrations inside, coz I might get too happy with the illustrations that I forget what is really important and that is getting done what I've written down and planned. I take simple yet spacious ones but not too bulky to carry around. A daily planner gives quite a lot of space, a weekly one is usually too limited. The nice thing about a spacious planner is that, should you have other important things to jot down like some reflections you have encountered during the day, or some important notes, there's still room for it. It then becomes an ultimate record of your daily life and it may come in handy in the future when you have to make a report or something or if simply  you want to know what you did that particular day in your busy life. One more thing, do keep only a single planner. I know someone who has more than one and it can really get confusing. Lastly, the most important thing to do is to check it early in the morning so you won't miss a thing, or else you defeat the purpose why in the first place you kept a planner at all. Have a great and organized year in 2010!

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