Feb 14, 2010

Great dolls by Dolljoy

My younger son just had his first educational field trip last Friday. I'd like to share some of the photos I took at the Dolljoy Factory, a great Filipino doll-maker.

They have a variety of real nice dolls. In fact they do supply Precious Moments dolls in the US and other countries. The owners Mr. & Mrs. Dy have four daughters and a son and their children inspired them to come up with their own dolls during the 1970s. My favorite among their collection items is a Japanese doll.
If you are interested about Dolljoy, contact them at 02-710-1627.


  1. hi ms. aubrey,

    this is what we are looking for....if you dont mind telling us where we can find the office or number so we can call.

    if its ok please email me at waterholebench04@yahoo.com,

    thank you so much,

    Jose Jesus V. Buenagua

  2. Hi! Thanks for your patience.You can reach DOlljoy at 02-710-1627.