Feb 14, 2010

A Hidden Paradise at La Luz Beach Resort

There's a great hideaway located somewhere in  San Juan, a small town in the province of Batangas, a couple of hours drive south of Manila. It's called La Luz Beach Resort. It's just so amazing. We had a wonderful time kayaking, stargazing around a bonfire, and the massage by the locals was just so relaxing. Here are some photos of this great trip to La Luz.

For me who've lived most of my life in this side of the South China Sea, I'm so used to getting a glimpse of sunset on the ocean horizon side and not on the opposite side. But at La Luz, it's different for the sun rises on the side of the ocean and sets on top of the trees up in the hill.

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  1. Ahhhh...that IS paradise! Glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Hi Anita! Sorry, I have been hibernating somewhere! Good to hear from you as always. Yeah we had a great time!