Nov 15, 2010

My Seoul-ful Journey

Last October, I attended a conference in Seoul, South Korea.
The experience was like a dream coming true.
I didn't realize it until I could smell the fresh cool scent of the busy Seoul.
An avid fan of Korean drama, I've always wished of being in the Namsan Tower or the Royal Palace, eat kimchi in a traditional way, or just be among crowds of stylish Koreans.
A few tips for traveling to Seoul. Keep your itinerary simple so you can savor every minute of your trip. You may avail of guided tours but I suggest you explore the city on your own.The transport system is very easy to navigate. For one who has been to Tokyo, that of Seoul should be easy. To see- the old palaces/villages of Seoul are everywhere. You may choose only 2 or 3. You wouldn't want to spend your entire two days for those. To shop, I would go back to Insadong over and over again if I have the chance. It's so full of pretty things, old and new. You can find nice souvenir items- from Korean made to China made ones.

Gyeongbokgung Palace (Royal Palace) made me feel as if I were part of the Goong drama (Princess Hours).

 Do eat the Korean way. Enjoy authentic Korean cuisine. It was one of the best food trips I have ever experienced!

Do check out the schedules of "changing of the guards" in the palaces. You get an experience of the old Korea.

 Explore the streets of Seoul, they have lots of pretty things to offer. I especially like this bench below with all the flowers and light, it's so romantic.

 Lastly, eat and drink (if you can) like the Koreans do! I'd do it again if I can. Annyeong!


  1. Hi Aubrey!
    I'm so in love with Seoul!!!!!
    Did you get to wear the traditional clothes in one of the palaces?
    Can't wait to taste their food and everything Korean.
    I love Goong too! In fact my son also knows the melody to Perhaps Love, and he's only three! LOL
    Can't wait to reading more of your posts!!!!

  2. Hi there Kaye! I so love love Seoul. I'd go there again absolutely. I love Korean food and Kdrama too!(wink!) And yes, I was able to wear the traditional clothes (hanbuk ba yun?). Can't remember na.:)Thanks for dropping by.