Nov 13, 2010

Davao City, a natural beauty

It was my first time to go visit Davao City. And my impression? Truly a natural beauty. I call it versatile and a place that really has a lot to offer, from beaches (Samal) to a cool experience during the hot summer days(Baguio-like Buda), from nature to food tripping, try them all and you'd surely love this vast city in the south.

I recommend:

Nanay Bebeng- for a delectable and affordable lunch buffet for less than P300, they have wide variety of food, from grilled tuna and other seafoods, to local dishes like kinilaw and ensalada, they even got sashimi, yummy!
Other must-try: Grilled native chicken in local barbeque resto, they're everywhere!

Aldevinco-for shopping souvenir items! The prices are really affordable too and the products are in good quality. They sell neat laptop bags for only P150 or US$3. You'll know you've reach Aldevinco when you can already see the campus of Ateneo de Davao across the street.

Drive through the Buda District. It's like Baguio City in the south. It has a great view of the skyline and the city below. Just don't get late in going there, the place is foggy at about 3 pm.
Durian, one of Davao's pride, is a stinky relative of the jackfruit. As they say, once you've tasted the fruit, you'll forgive and forget the smell. :) Don't leave Davao City without trying the durian! Prices are low in June to July and could go three times the price during off-peak seasons.

You may also try La Toscana for a delectable Italian cuisine experience. It's a small but cozy place.

Hang out at Tata Benito's coffee shop.

 Stay at Legaspi suites. A three-star yet neat place.

For nature lovers, immerse yourself with the beauty of nature at Eden Nature Park. Try to go there early because their guided tours have schedules. I say, it's better to walk around go through the park by yourselves!

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