Dec 6, 2010

My Trip to Bogor, Indonesia

I  haven't really had time to tell you yet about Bogor. The trip happened last August when I went there for a training on Gravity Modeling sponsored by Artnet- UNESCAP. But the journey continues in photos.

Well, Bogor is a so-called rain city, because it almost always rains in the afternoon. It's about an hour from Jakarta and it is where city people of Jakarta usually goes to on weekends because of its colder weather and relaxing natural environment. Its main tourist spots are the presidential palace and botanical gardens. It's like Baguio City, only it's more preserved and has lots and lots of trees.

The main transport in Bogor looks like the jeepney of Manila. Only, these are multicabs and quite lacking of space. The fare is 2,000 rupiah.

This is the view of Bogor from above from my hotel window. Not many tall buildings and is really green.

Bogor has lots of shopping outlets of branded apparels. They're lined up in streets so they're not difficult to find. I especially recommend House of Donatello for quality and affordable footwear for all ages. Also, if and when you happen to go to Bogor one day, look for this restaurant called "bumbu desa." They offer a wide variety of Sundanese local cuisine. This is an awesome place for spicy food lovers like myself. It's located along the street where major shopping outlets are found.

Also, check out PIA apple pie! It has a nice place behind Hotel Pangrango 2.

Now for Pinoys, this photo above may be a bit of a shocking to you. Yes, in Indonesia, they sell "susu" in the supermarket. Interesting eh? Well, for foreign readers, susu or suso in Filipino means breasts. But it is bahasa for milk (wink!).
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  1. interesting read... im planning on going to bogor later this year :) thanks for this...any good accommodation you recommend?

  2. Hi...., it is a nice trip story about Bogor
    I live in Bogor ..... there are alot of interesting place you can visit

    you just need a little bit out of town center, and you'll find more beauty and peace of the city of Bogor