Jul 15, 2011

A nice bargain

It was a real nice bargain. It costed me only 2,400 pesos, around USD50 in an automotive supply/repair shop in Bangkal, Makati. My friends took me there, it was really so nice of them to. There were other equally nice bikes to choose from. There were pink, yellow, blue colored ones. But I especially liked this one because it's relatively newer, sleeker, and more versatile in color.
We did not waste much time. I bought it and here it is now. I am enjoying it, it's so speedy, easy to pedal, and with accessories still intact (light and lock). A great bargain - great value for money. The nearest store of second-hand Japanese bicycles here in Bacoor put the price of such at around 6,000 pesos.  I heard there were also several stores in Magallanes, Makati selling low priced bikes -but this one would still be around 3,500 pesos. Lucky me!

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