Dec 10, 2010

Ngong Ping 360

I'm digging out my travel photos for the year, doing kinda recap of what has happened in 2010. I found these photos in our trip to Hongkong last February - one of my favorites is Ngong Ping 360, Hongkong's  must-see attraction. The trip includes riding the Ngong Ping cable car, a 5.7 km journey overlooking the HK International Airport and South China Sea, walking through Ngong Ping Village, an impressive cultural themed villages, and climbing into the Tian-tian Buddha Statue. If one has all day to roam around, check out Walking with Buddha and Monkey's Tale Theatre.
To get there: ride the MTR and get off at Tung Chung Station, exit at exit B and walk to the cable car station (to your right is a mall which you might also wanna check). Warning: when foggy, which is what happened when we went there, one can get queasy in the cable car ride so be ready. 

Wear comfy shoes, the grounds at Ngong Ping Village is not so shoe-friendly, and you're going to climb up a long stairs to the Buddha anyway so leave your stilettos, high-heeled boots.

When tired and hungry, treat yourself with a delectable vegetable lunch at restaurants near the Lin Po Monastery.

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  1. I wonder how I'd feel riding in the cable car. I have a little problem with height if I don't feel secure.

    It seems to be a great adventure though!

    Enjoyed your visit to my blog. Thank you for your honest comment. I like to get all points of view.

  2. Hi there Anita! Well, I actually panicked for a while, especially that it was so high, a bit higher than the usual cable car ride I think. But it was enjoyable too, me and my friends were all laughing and screaming! Thanks for dropping by again!