Apr 11, 2011


'About time to introduce you my home. It's up north in Ilocos region. I was lucky to capture in my lens our old family house before it gets torn down to give way to a renovation that's been long overdue. It's not much, quite shabby already, but it is home. Often, one needs to go out and see many other things to find himself or herself...But once in a while, we crave for familiarity and so we head home.

I went around the place to fill my wanting for memoirs- my old grandma's, may she rest in peace, chair (which is sadly in a very poor state), mom's herb garden, the kamias tree in the backyard, and more. Life in the countryside is very simple. Presents and favors come not in boxes.....like these whole bunch of bananas. I enjoy grilling fresh fish from the local market. Ingredients do not come in jars...And rice tastes way better if it gets cooked the old-fashioned way.

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  1. The simple things in life can sometimes be the best things in life.

    Nice reflections of "home."

  2. it's always refreshing to stay in the provinces during summer. nice shots, especially the 'inihaw na tilapia.' thanks for sharing!

    I hope you can also check out our site at

  3. Thanks Anita. You never fail to appreciate my blog posts although I rarely post.
    Thanks Grace, I'll check out your site.

  4. You're welcome Aubrey.

    When you do post, you have nice images and pleasant thoughts.

    Blog when you can...that's what I do. :)